After serving more than 11 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and 4 years in Law Enforcement, Jon decided to write Operation: Wired Differently with the hopes of saving lives-mine and the men and women in uniform who battle invisible injuries such as PTSD, Depression, OSI, and Mental Illness. The purpose of this book is to educate society about the demons that the military and first responders can bring home with them caused by impact of repeatedly being exposed situations that most of society can not imagine. The stigma around mental illness is real and Jon’s hopes telling his story will help others who are struggling. 

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Jon A. Archambault was born in Montreal Quebec, Canada in the 1980s, raised by his mother and father who were both psychologists. 

Growing up, his parented had high expectations and succeeding in school was a must. After high school, Jon participated in a group study in Brazil. This was an eye opening experience about the different reality for many living outside of Canada.

Upon his return, he was made aware that the education from Brazil was not recognized in Canada. Out of the blue, it occurred to him to joined the Canadian Armed Forces in the Army. With no idea what he was getting into, he signed his life away with an initial contract.

After 5 years of service, Jon was advised to apply for CANSOFCOM (Canadian Special Forces), where he worked for 5 years, including a deployed to Iraq along side true heroes. On his return, he decided to apply for a new career in law enforcement. The process took roughly 1 year including the testing and his eventual release from the Canadian Armed Forces. 

Leaving his camo family turned out to be harder than Jon expected. Faced with new challenges until life made him acknowledge something he had been ignoring, the red flags of diminishing mental health. A diagnosis: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with dissociation and major depressive disorder.

Reality hit like a tonne of bricks, it was hard on his self esteem and he was officially benched. But, finally, began to make sense of those burst of anger, the hyper-vigilance. Many questions were now answered.

With this diagnosis came a shift in priorities, his career put on the back burner and a new focus on family and health. Jon started to take notes on how his mental health was affecting his daily life.

Taking the little energy that he had and Jon decided to write a book. What began as a small initiative to raise money for organizations who help veterans, military, first responders and their families.  He has found a new mission, which is to still help, but in a different way, so that others might recognize what he had missed and through education lessen the stigma attached to mental health that is remains very prevalent in men and women in uniform.  

Jon is on a personal mission to help 1000 military, veterans, first responders and their family.