Do you remember at school, the bullies and the mean girls?
Do you remember one of your most difficult thing you have done?
Do you remember something you achieved and suffered to success?
If you played sport, your coach pushed you through adversity and you didnt quit.  The exam to pass to access to this diploma, this dream that you brought to reality. You never gave up; this is amazing because this is the proof that you can push and win.
 Now, you are facing a new challenge, and it is called YOU. You did nothing wrong; you are the result of your own circumstance, and it is ok. You swore an oath, you went to battle and came back with scars.
Each one of us had a different battle, and we cant compare them. But like in the past,  let's not give up, because we CAN. It's gonna suck, it's gonna hurt, it's gonna drain the shit out of you for X-Y-Z reasons and those reasons are yours. Like every challenge we had, we will use our tools and confront those nightmares.
At time, you may think '' I'm giving up, that's it, this diagnosis won '', and at that time, i want you to get up and repeat after me ''No, hell no''. You didnt achieve all of what you achieved to give up, you are worth it, and you bring value to this world. Once you protect it, once you made sure it stays alive. So today, I want you to make a promise to yourself, that you will keep pushing because you deserve it.
Accept help, seek for it, because it is needed. We didnt go to war alone, it isnt a solo game. You need a supply for your gears, you need a clerk for your admin, you need a driver to transport your ass, you need a cook to feed you... So accept your new team, the psychologist, Occupational therapist, Psychiatrist, your peer support, your family; they are all in for you, because they want you to win, they wont give up on you, like I will not give up on you.
And you will not give up on yourself.

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