This too shall pass

this too shall pass
It will, but it won't without work.
If you don't fight against your demons, they will win.
You must make a declaration; this is what my fight is, and I will win.
Changing take a ton of energy, and you have been living in the avoidance,
denial, and accepting the pain. Time to take control over it.
See it like a bully or a nightmare.
At a young age, I was told that when I woke up frightened from a nightmare, 
to dive back in and make it my own, to fight it, and prove to myself, that it is not 
true that it will control you and overpower your life.
Have faith in yourself, you didn't give up when you wanted to succeed,
It was not a choice; the only choice was to win and fulfilled the requirement.
It is time to do the same for you... nobody else.
It's going to suck! I am not going to lie to you, it will hurt.
Revisiting your traumas, reliving them, will bring you to tears.
And if you think to give up if you feel like giving up
Keep pushing because nobody else has control over your life.
If your inner voice tells you that you won't get better.
It is called Post Traumatic Stress; the ending is your choice...
will it be disorder or injury?
You are the one who will decide the answer.
Only you.
I am choosing my destiny, it will not walk all over me, 
Because despite that it brought me down, 
I will always get back up.
Because like you, I am worth it.

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